Settle in Mane, on the road of "villages and cities of character" in Forcalquier’s country, heart of the Alps of Haute-Provence, land of flavors and scents, Les Bain de Manon is a society created by a woman in love of Provence and cosmetology.


Concerned about the future of our planet, we have chosen to propose a range of natural cosmetics, home perfume and articles that favor a responsible treatment of the nature and human people with values such as sustainable development, the protection of the environment and species ...

By what we consider essential to make live our territory and to favor the local economy, we value the Made in Provence in the manufacture of our products but also in the choice of our other partners.


Natural cosmetic products made in Provence and elaborated  with quality active natural ingredients with well-known properties.

Ingredients rigorously selected for their effectiveness in order to give the skin the benefits it needs.

Our region became a major pole of the cosmetic industry, leader for the conception and the formulation of beauty and care products.

This orientation towards cosmetics has been initiated thanks to the growing of a large number of flower and aromatic plants varieties in our region.

Coming from this exceptional nature, plants are source of beauty and offer a large diversity of ingredients with well-known properties.

This subtle alchemy of active ingredients and the carefully balanced mixture of vegetal oils, essential oils and plant extracts, allow us to offer products with numerous benefits, silky and creamy textures and delicate fragrances.

Provence stands out when it puts on its purple coat with a delicious perfume, when almond trees in bloom show us their magnificent flowering or with its majestic and generous olive trees that symbolize this terroir.

Les Bains de Manon, this is also a home perfume range with a Provence collection that transports us olfactively through this unforgettable terroir and also other scents very pleasent coming from somewhere else.


For accessories and wellness products we have selected suppliers who have chosen quality, design and naturalness, preferably using recyclable materials.